Nevena Bazalac

Leading Expert in Breakthrough and High-Performance
Harmonious Family Expert and Coach


Nevena is an expert in the area of child development and psychology because she has practical knowledge about children and families, that she learned through a decade of her work. She knows the most stressful environment and real solutions for families. 

Tony Robbins

The nation's top life and business strategist.

As a result of coaching with Nevena, I learned that instead of trying to change everyone around me, I am the one who has to change. Now I am a happy mother, able to control my emotions and I set a quality routine for my children. Me and my husband got the sparkle back into our marriage and we always look forward to the next coaching session to discover what is the next thing we can implement.


Salwa Abbass


As new parents we definitely experienced some challenges when it comes to daily routine, dealing with stress and keeping the sparkle in our relationship. We in a way lost ourselves. Nevena’s coaching gave us great energy and tools that we implemented and we still use. We are now much closer, we appreciate the time we spend together as a couple and family and our relationship and family dynamic is also much better.

Adam and Margaret


In her work, Nevena recognizes a congruent circle of parents, teachers, and children and through her programs and coaching she helps parents and teachers reduce stress as she shares practical strategies on how to work with children.

Dean Graziosi​

Multiple New York Times best selling author, entrepreneur, and investor